Let’s Go Natural

AAmountain 1 173guruJust what is Natural?  Sunshine on your face.  The taste of fresh picked strawberries.  A meadow of spring flowers or maybe lavender.  The smell of rain.  A walk on the beach.  A sleigh ride in fresh fallen snow.  The list is endless.

  Natural is “What Keeps Us Healthy.”  Go back to the basics and really live again.  Simplify everything.  Get in tune with nature.

  Walk barefoot  in the morning when the dew is still on the grass. ” Earthing.”  Relax and let your  inner compass guide you to peace and serenity.  Read a book, do yoga, meditate.  Appreciate and use nature’s apothecary.

Seven Tips to Natural

(1) Beware of the company that proclaims to be natural and has 12 unknown ingredients in their natural products.

(2) Read and understand 12 endocrine  disruptors from EWG  (Environmental Working Group).   We will later contribute an entire blog  and class to this. 

(3) Make your own healthcare products (DIY) so you understand what  each ingredient does and the reason it is free from dangerous chemicals.

(4) Grow your own garden if possible.  Look for our later blog about the benefits of eating foods the color of the rainbow.

(5) Eat grass-feed meat only,  if at all.  The story about antibiotic use in grain feed cattle is revolting.

(6)  What and how we cook  is one of the easiest ways to prevent almost all disease. Check out the Blue Zone blog and class about people that live to be 100.

(7)  Our six best doctors- sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet

Go back to basics and the ways of our ancestors allowed their bodies to function really the way they were designed to work.  Big Pharma  and the food industry wants you to eat fast food at every meal so they can profit from your bad health.  They encourage you to eat the bad food and then profit from you being unhealthy.

Contact: Legacy Thyme for classes about natural health



Life Is But A Vapor

a158 (2)stock4The Vapors of our life will have a great impact on the world around us long after we are gone and our lives are over. Whatever love, encouragement and help we provide to the world around us will have a profound effect on the generations that follow us long after we are gone. Leave behind a legacy of hope, love, dignity, grace and devotion.

We travel this life only once. Most of the time we are walking in the dark, not knowing exactly what lies ahead. Are you leaving vapors of healing, hope and wisdom? Are you leaving vapors of toxins, disease and negativity? Each person has a choice in what legacy they leave their children, grandchildren and family. Let the vapors of wisdom guide us to make positive changes in our environment for the health and welfare of our family.

Be a source of positive change. Embrace learning and new ways to do things. Set an example of self-development and growth. Make small changes that will make a huge impact on the health and longevity of your family.

Look Good, Feel Good, SMELL Good

Let things as simple as a vapor, shape the life you share with your family and allow the smells to magnify the scents of grace and healing….

Contact….Legacy Thyme.
8250 A Spanish Fort Blvd.
Spanish Fort, Alabama 36527

Litemist Diffuser- offers visually stimulating (Bohemian effect)                          Diffuser Blends using essential oils pamplets,  individual oils and
Pure Alabama Spring Water

DIY-Series 1 (Toes in the Sand)

photo 3

Are you ready for a new idea?  How about getting really natural?  What about experiencing the steps to making your own things from scratch?  You get to be the chemist/pharmacist.  Sounds like fun?  

Lately  the news is filled with articles about companies being forced to reveal what ingredients are in our food.  Check out the Dark Act (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O53RxNMoOzo).  So,  if something happened  today to supply and demand and you were left needing to know how to take care of yourself and your family, would you know the steps?  Follow our DIY  (Do IT YOURSELF) series and get educated on healthy basics.  Why do you need to eat, take or place on your body ingredients that could be harmful to your health?


First , we want you to get your feet wet with some fun products and then we will get down to serious business.  Every season has it’s gifts…and every season  requires appropriate products to keep us happy and healthy.  After a long winter of keeping our feet in socks and boots,  it is thyme to let those puppies breathe. 

Remember this first series (Toes in the Sand) is dedicated to fun and educating yourself on the tools you may really need in the near future.  What you learn from this and the following series can be passed down to generations to come.  Sit back and learn the basics of real sustainability.  You can work alone or with a group of friends.  Teaching your children these basic steps can be fun and educational.  Teachers are welcome to use these in their classrooms to educate children on the importance of independence and taking control of their own health.  Children will carry with them through life tools and skills they were taught in the classroom.  


To get your tootsies “Ready for the Sand”  lets go to the outback. for an Australian Foot Spray.   Australia is noted for the powerful  antiseptic and fungicidal tea tree oil.   To the oil add an invigorating proprietary astringent and blend a wonderful foot spray that is effective and does not contain any harmful ingredients.  Your feet and toes will feel cool and refreshed and ready for beach time. 

Australian Foot Spray contains all the natural ingredients to make this unique product.  A cute card containing instructions is included.  You get to experience  the joy of knowing how to make something that your entire family can use and enjoy and know that it only contains healthy ingredients.  No need for ingredients that extend the shelf life and are harmful to your health.  Once you have the recipe and ingredients for Australian Foot Spray you can make it again anytime.

  If your suffer from cracked feet or heels, Summer Foot Cream  is the product to get those puppies ready for flip-flop season.  All  natural ingredients are included and a meet you at the beach card with  easy to follow instructions  is also included.  

peppermint thyme close up

Our feet can produce as much as four ounces of perspiration in a single day.  Dusting your toes and soles once a twice a day with a deodorizing powder like Sweet Feet will keep them dry and healthy.  All natural ingredients included,  labeled powder container and instruction card.  Dina and I love this product and felt the picture on the card represented our view of the relaxing breezy feel of using Sweet Feet.

Take Thyme Out for a cooling refreshing Peppermint and Thyme Foot Scrub .  Peppermint, a pure therapeutic-grade essential oil has a cooling effect on the skin especially during hot weather.  Dried thyme from our organic herbal garden is included to give extra exfoliating power and helps the body to eliminate toxins.  Make this cool foot scrub and prepare your feet for summer sandals. 

All (DIY)  kits contain all natural ingredients.  Everything you need to prepare the kit is included .  These are designed to be fun and educational.  You do not have to go to different sites to purchase products, everything to make your product is enclosed in the kit.  Just purchase and prepare, that simple.  We hope you enjoy making healthy products as much as we enjoyed developing them. 

Ok,  get ready for series 2 (DIY).  Several special holidays are near and the (DIY) kits would be wonderful gift ideas and a chance to introduce family and friends to healthy products. Great information and skills on the horizon. Look for DIY Seminars by Realistic Healthcare.


Isaiah 52:7 – How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings.




Today’s Sixty Is Yesterday’s Thirty (Hormone Hostage)

ADSC_5058 (2)wordpress2Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:23

The hormone hostage knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth.  Depending on the hostage’s age this man could be a husband, a boyfriend, a Dad or a brother.  Anything the man says or doesn’t say can lead the hormone hostage to tears or anger.  A hormone imbalance can leave a person feeling anything other than their normal self.

It is important for every female or male from 18 to 80 years old to have their hormones tested.   A hormone saliva test can be performed in the privacy of your own home and measures bio-available fraction of hormones.  ZRT Laboratory, is a CLIA certified hormone-testing facility owned and operated by Dr. David Zava, PhD, the biochemist and cancer researcher who developed the technology for saliva and blood spot testing.

ZRT is the only lab that documents and correlates patient reported symptoms with tested hormone levels.  It gives  piece of mind to see and understand from the testing the reason for the mood swings, fogging thinking, etc.  Your body is telling your story,  now you have testing to explain by your hormone levels what your body is saying by your symptoms.

It is extremely important to have a hormone test done even if you are not having symptoms.  The first time I had a saliva test done my estrogen level was extremely high and I was not on any type estrogen supplement at all.  I was a walking time bomb and did not even realize it.  If my estrogen levels had remained high, I could have developed breast cancer.  Everyone should be tested just to know and understand their levels.

Feeling, Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled by Richard Shames, MD /Karilee Shames PhD., RN is a must read book for anyone with a hormone problem.  It helps explain that determining the root cause and sources of your problem is important.  Depending on your symptoms,  your issue could also deal with thyroid and or adrenals.

You can take a hormone class at Legacy Thyme that will help you decide which test might be right for you.  Your symptoms could be related to hormones, adrenals or your thyroid.

If you feel burdened by symptoms beyond your control, you owe it to yourself to take the steps to be tested and make a difference in your life.

The Luck of the Irish

Untitled-14Even as the green earth have I given you all things. Genesis 1:30

St. Patrick’s Day is a global celebration of Irish culture.  St. Patrick, himself, was one of the patron saints of Ireland.  He is said to have died March 17 in or around the year 493.  According to legend, St. Patrick was responsible for banishing the druids of pagan worshipers or serpent Gods.  Some people even travel to St. Patrick’s Purgatory, a destination associated with penance and spiritual healing since the early 13 th century.  The story goes that St. Patrick had a vision promising all that came to the sanctuary in faith would receive a pardon for their sins.

Many people choose to wear an item of green clothing on this day.  In Savannah, Georgia, The Greening of the Fountain in historic Forsyth Park symbolizes how the entire town “turns green” in support of the upcoming Parade and festivities.  Many towns within the United States have similar celebrations.

Stories like the Leprechaun’s pot of gold are shared on St. Patrick’s Day.  A leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore.  If captured by a human legend says the leprechaun has the magical power to grant the human three wishes in exchange for their freedom.

The most common symbol for St. Patrick’s is the shamrock.  The shamrock is the leaf of the clover plant and a symbol of the Holy Trinity.

Restaurants and pubs offer Irish food and drink such as, corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, Irish coffee and beer and Irish cream chocolate mousse cake.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day go to and select a natural gift like http://Legacythyme.com/products/coconut-lemon-or-lime-salt-scrub for someone special.  A lovely aromatic room spray http://Legacythyme.com/products/spearmint-aroma-spray  is also available containing mint essential oils.  Cheers to your lucky day and enjoy your celebrations.

Irish Blessing:  May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.



Today’s Sixty Is Yesterday’s Thirty (Eat Fat Get Thin)

AA098 (2)KathyMake a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.  Serve the Lord with gladness, come before his presence with singing. Psalm 100 :1-2

Watching closely what I eat became much more important to me today.  Several years ago my husband and I mastered the art of cutting sugar from our diet.  At the time, our greatest love was sweet tea.  Each week we met with a client that was trying to lose weight and get healthier.  On a regular basis, she began to ask if we were still drinking sweet tea.  I knew if we did not walk the walk we could not talk the talk.  So we conquered the sugar and artificial sweetener demons and will share that process in another blog post.

Today, I read shocking news about fat that solidified what a good friend had been telling me for over a year.  Fat is not our enemy.  We have been told for years to eat less fat, so we started eating more pasta, muffins and carbs.  My friend eats more fat less carbs and has lost weight that she has been able to keep off.  She looks good and feels good. She is fifty plus in age but looks remarkable.  People are continuing to ask for her secret.  Join us in our  FAT to FINE journey with” Niecy’s Weight Loss” pamphlet  and learn some of  her tips to looking young and healthy.  To you my friend YOU WEAR IT WELL.   As always, make sure your doctor is aware of any changes you make to your diet and follow his instructions.

It is remarkable how changes to our diet can make such a improvement in our overall health.  Hippocrates was right when he said, ” Let food be thy medicine”.

One of my favorite author’s Dr. Mark Hyman has published a new book,  Eat Fat, Get Thin.  He is a functional medicine doctor which means he gets to the bottom of why we get fat and sick.  Several of our clients have seen Dr. Hyman as patients with wonderful results.

“Niecy’s Weight Loss Journal”- (A Chat Among Friends)   Is an easy fun pamphlet with tips and suggestions on how to begin and sustain a  healthy weight loss journey.  Go to legacythyme.com to purchase pamphlet.



Today’s Sixty is Yesterday’s Thirty (To every thing there is a Season)

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, a time to reap which is planted (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)
To everything turn! turn! turn! there is a season turn! turn! turn! and a time for every purpose under heaven
(Turn! Turn! Turn! 1965 The Byrds)
The song is notable for being one of a few instances in popular music in which a large portion of scripture is set to music.

Look deeply into the picture above and imagine you are at the edge of the river. Can you see your reflection? What do you see? If what you see is not what you want to see shining back, then 2016 is the year to begin a positive change. Look deep within yourself and dig in your heels you are about to embark on a journey of change. THINK DIFFERENT.  Keep open to possibilities and let your inner spirit guide you. “Let nature be thy medicine.” There is a season for everything. This is YOUR season to become everything you were meant to be. You were not put on this earth to be lethargic, unhappy, full of pain, over weight and helpless. You are here for a PURPOSE.  So, now do your part and THINK DIFFERENT.
Epigenetics tells us that just because our mother, grandmother and every other relative in our family has diabetes that we are destined to suffer. NO, YOU can make a choice what goes into your mouth.
Think reducing Blood Sugar Levels Without Drugs is Impossible? Take the 30 Day “Skeptic’s Challenge” “Health Science Journal” -Complimentary January 2016 Issue
Do not blame grandmother for your choices because there are personal lifestyle choices behind deadly diabetes.

(1) A lifestyle of bad eating habits that include foods loaded with wheat, sugar and high fructose corn syrup.
(2) A lifestyle of sedentary living, eating processed foods on the couch instead of exercising.

To eliminate blood sugar problems, all you need to do is eat natural foods and lots of protein. Avoid wheat (Bread, cakes, pastries) and sugar. And get your muscles activated. To prove this works, take this simple challenge.

(1) First, start with an accurate glucose meter to take daily readings(as you should always do.)
(2) Next, stop eating sugar, wheat and any foods containing them. When in doubt READ THE LABEL.
(3) And finally, start exercising your muscles.
Compare your glucose readings from Day 1 to Day 30. You’ll be absolutely amazed at your results. But you probably need some help in getting those numbers where they should be. Looking forward to sharing tips on how to detox from sugar. If you take the 30 day challenge and see improvements in your blood sugar levels then you are ready for another look at your reflection in the river. Then, you my friend are ready for a plunge in the river. Get ready to LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD.  * Go to http://www.legacythyme.com for healthy natural products.